Working Group Kick-Off

Kloster Neustadt, 27-29 May 2024
Large Gathering in Neustadt

During the last week of May, members of Convide met in Neustadt to kick-off the CRC’s working groups. Lead researchers Kevin Feichtinger and Stefan Schwarz guided through three busy days, with more than fifty participants discussing the role and goals of the working groups “notions and definitions of consistency” (WG 1) and “research platform and demonstrator” (WG 2).

The Working Groups

Sketched out in the original proposal, the two working groups play a crucial role in realizing Convide’s challenging research agenda. In working group 1, researchers are working on developing a common understanding of the complex concept “consistency”, specifying explicitly what the different disciplines and research communities assembled at the CRC mean (and do not mean) when they use the term “consistency”. Meanwhile, working group 2 is tasked with establishing and maintaining a research platform that allows researchers to learn more about and evaluate our understanding(s) of consistency. Together, both working groups are working on the multi-domain goal of developing a CRC-wide specification of consistency.

Implementing the Proposal

Over the course of multiple in-depth work sessions, researchers at Convide presented and discussed the current state of the working groups, identified important topics that will be worked on going forward, and established a regular meeting schedule for both working groups. Taken together, the kick-off event was crucial in implementing ideas originally laid in the proposal, establishing a clear understanding of the role of the two working groups at the CRC.