CRC Convide Meets KA-RaceIng

Project C04 Conducts Kick-Off Workshop with Ten Students

Project C04 focuses on model consistency management for the agile development of cyber-physical systems (CPS). To ensure seamless collaboration between engineers from different disciplines with different perspectives on CPS, it is necessary to analyze the inconsistencies that occur during development. Aimed at conceptualizing a common understanding of inconsistencies and collecting case studies to describe inconsistencies and inconsistency situations, the CRC organized a workshop with ten students from the Formula Student KA-RaceIng team.

Many interesting insights were gathered, not least because all of the students had different engineering backgrounds (mechanical and electrical engineering as well as computer science) and worked on different sub-systems of the race car (e.g., aerodynamics, electric drivetrain, monocoque). The feedback received from the KA-RaceIng students regarding the organization and methodology of the workshop will be used to improve further studies with industry participants that will follow in the future.

The results of the workshop will be published at the 2024 ISPIM Innovation Conference, which takes place in Tallinn, Estonia.

Kicking off the practical collaboration between the CRC 1608 Convide and KA-RaceIng, the workshop was a great success and will serve as the foundation of future collaborative projects!

Albert Albers, Anne Koziolek, Thomas Völk, Monika Klippert, Felix Pfaff, and Robert Stolpmann (C04) with support from Arne Bischofberger (C02)