Supplementary Proposal Granted

New Project A06: Dynamic Consistency Management for Autonomous Traffic Agents
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maike Schwammberger

The supplementary proposal submitted by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maike Schwammberger was granted by the DFG, resulting in the creation of the new project A06: Dynamic Consistency Management for Autonomous Traffic Agents.

In her ambitious research, Prof. Schwammberger aims to realize dynamic consistency management for autonomous traffic agents (ATA). In contrast to human drivers, ATA cannot resort to common sense in case they are faced with an obstacle on the road in front. In particular, an ATA's goal of assuring passenger safety might run into conflict with traffic regulations, posing the question which of the different traffic rules the ATA should violate. Dynamic consistency is set to answer this question, achieving consistency at run-time while optimally adhering to ATA goals and traffic rules. 

By addressing this problem, project A06 contributes to the advancement of a AV technology, both ensuring its safe integration into existing transportation infrastractures and enhancing public trust in AV more broadly.