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Modern cyber-physical systems (CPS) such as cars, airplanes, or smart home systems integrate computational processes with physical processes. These CPS comprise of many electronic, mechanical, and software-controlled components, posing difficult challenges for the design of such complex systems. Not only is there a need for modern CPS to be highly dependable, configurable, and flexible. At the same time, these systems can only function if all parts interact seamlessly. As a result, individual developers find it increasingly difficult to control the complexity of modern CPS, even at an abstract architectural level. For this reason, so-called “views” of the system – sub-models that are specific to the developer’s task – are used during development. 

Since there exist manifold dependencies between these views, there is urgent need for novel consistency-maintaining methods in Advanced Systems Engineering. To meet these demands, the Collaborative Research Center “Consistency in the View-Based Development of Cyber-Physical Systems” (Convide) brings together researchers with a background in computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Technical University Munich, Technical University Dresden, and the University of Mannheim. Together, they are developing methods that aim to shorten development cycles and update intervals as well as to improve the adaptability, reliability, and security of modern CPS. 

Convide Meets KA-RaceIng

In April, Convide's Project C04 conducted a workshop with ten students, kicking off the practical collaboration between the CRC and the formula student KA-RaceIng team. The results of the workshop will be published at the 2024 ISPIM Innovation Conference.

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Girls' Day 2024

With support from Convide, the IPEK – Institute of Product Engineering organized an interactive workshops with 20 schoolgirls on 25 April 2024. Providing exciting hands-on insight, the yearly event is a cornerstone of KIT’s mission to promote women in the engineering sciences.

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Onboarding Seminar 2024

On 22/23 April, the first Convide Onboarding Seminar took place at Tagungshaus Schönenberg. Almost 40 participants took part, learning more about the vision and organization of the CRC and discussing the challenges and benefits of interdisciplinary research.

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GIBU Meeting 2024

On Monday, 25 April 2024, Prof. Dr. Ralf Reussner, spokesperson of Convide, was invited to present the Collaborative Research Center at the meeting of the advisory board of the university professors of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

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IPEK Inside Special Edition

To celebrate the start of Convide, IPEK has published a 2023 special edition of its newsletter IPEK Inside. If you want to learn more about Convide and, in particular, the scientific problems that the CRC tries to solve, download the document via the link below.

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We Are Hiring!

Convide is hiring! We are looking for qualified personnel passionate about research in the area of cyber-physical systems. If you're interested in joining our groups and in conducting excellent research at Germany's leading universities, check out our jobs page.

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